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Tour de Polon 2021: Level 1 results

How are the top ten of the first phase of the Tour de Polon 2021.

Phil Bah ஹாs of Bahrain – Victoria’s team wins the first leg of the Tour de Polon 2021 cycling race. The best of the poles was 10th-ranked Mikhail Kyatkovsky. Here are the results of the first phase of the Tour de Polon.

Results of the first phase of the Tour de Polon 2021:

1. Phil Haas (Germany / Bahrain win) – 5: 01.24
2. Alvaro Hotech (Columbia / Designing-Quick Step)
3. Hugo Hofstetter (Fran்ois / Israel Start-up Nation)
4. Edward Deans (Belgium / Trek-Sekafredo)
David Decker (Netherlands / Jumbo-Wisma)
6. Diane Smith (New Zealand / Bike Exchange)
7. Jonas Ricard (Belgium / Albacen-Phoenix)
8. Pinium Kirmai Hailu (Eritrea / Intermark-Wandy-Cobert)
9. Matej Mohorik (Slovenia / Bahrain win)
10. Mikas Kwatkovsky (Poland / Enios Grenadiers)

49. Stanis Anyoskovsky (Poland)
58. Mackiez Botner (Poland / Bora-Hanskrohe)
60. asukasz Wiśniowski (Poland / Quebec)
65. Łukasz Owsian (Poland) Simultaneously

Full Level 1 Results Here.

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During the 78th edition of the Tour de Polon, cyclists will compete in seven stages: Lublin, Sam, Jamo, Presmol, Sonok, Russov, Tornov, Gadovis, Zabers and Krakow. Tour de Polon 2021 broadcast on Bolshoi Sport. Portal Tour de Polon provides detailed information about the route and events surrounding the race.

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