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TV program. “Intimate Ambition” with Le Pen and Hidalgo… Confessions Among Women Tonight on M6

Five months before the presidential election, Karen Le Marchand shines a spotlight on five female politicians on Sunday night in “Intimate Ambition”

. As with the farmers at L’Amour est dans le pré, the M6 ​​host discusses with them their history, fears, and personal lives. Since the shooting, three of them have declared themselves candidates for the country’s presidency.

Karen liked? not at all. “I don’t see any difference between a farmer and a politician, I don’t have any sense of hierarchy,” she says with the spontaneity we know.

Who is in the cast? While filming this new portrait session – the first season aired five years ago -, Valerie Beckers (LR Head of the Ile-de-France region), Rashida Dati (Mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris), Ann Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris PS), Marilyn Schiappa (Member of the current government) andMarine Le Pen

. The head of the National Rally only appeared on the show in October 2016.

“The position of women in society has changed a lot over the past five years and there is a specialization of women’s issues at all levels,” justifies the presenter in choosing to focus on women in particular.

Marilyn Schiappa, the “girl next door” of politics

Far from political interviewer icons, Karen Le Marchand questions these five women by evoking strong feelings in them. Rachida Dati let a few tears flow back to her native lands of Burgundy – she grew up in a city – Marilyn Schiappa, the “girl next door” of politics as the host calls her, talks about her childhood alongside her communist Trotskyist parents, Marlene Le Penn believes that she has disappointed those close to her after The famous controversy against Emmanuel Macron in 2017 …

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“For Marine Le Pen, the interview focused on the last five years of her life. It was interesting to see how she went through the last campaign and what it taught her,” she continues. In the portion of her interview we were able to watch before tonight’s airing, we see the RN boss, who opened the doors to her home and living room, expressing regret. “When you miss an important date like this with the French, it is undoubtedly suffering,” she will say, referring to this disastrous showdown that took her a year to recover.

“Women politicians talk more easily about their emotions than politicians. Marine Le Pen found it very brave to come back to the event and the fact that she wasn’t good. I’m not sure many politicians assume they were bad,” says a host.

Two different endings

Karen Le Marchand took the photos between July, August and mid-September. Since then, Anne Hidalgo, Valerie Pecres and Marine Le Pen have declared themselves presidential candidates. In order to keep the advertising schedule secret and to control it, two endings were fired for each of the five women: “Why am I attending”, “Why not attending”.

Of the three to four hours of interviews, only 30 minutes will be allocated to each. Many of their entourage are interviewed, such as Nicolas Sarkozy (for Valérie Pécresse, Rachida Dati…), François Hollande (for Anne Hidalgo), or even Ingrid (Marine Le Pen’s childhood friend who lives in a shared apartment with her. ) …

The show, which was tentatively scheduled for the end of November, was made…requires the political calendar.

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“Intimate Ambition” presented by Karen Le Marchand, this Sunday, November 7 at 9:05 p.m., on M6.