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Twitter users react to the upcoming Eminem-Nas duo

In the And Eminem They are rappers who for a long time referred to each other without ever succeeding in getting a professional collaboration. Fortunately, the two promise music slated for release on Friday, August 6, 2021, which has sparked a chain reaction from netizens.

Finally, they will sing a rap monument together: good news for fans

A few days ago, a post highlighted a possible collaboration between Eminem and Nas for the first time in history. He is first and foremost a man long island who officially announced the song list for his upcoming album.King’s disease IIWhich will usually be released on Friday. For the artist, this is a release that will have the distinction of American rap.

In fact, this project will include a large number of appearances of some rappers in the game. These include Ms. Lauryn Hill, YG Blxst, À Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Charlie Hill, Hit-Boy and Eminem. To this end, the song list was revealed and the reactions of netizens focused in particular on “EPDMThis is clearly the title co-starring Eminem with fellow countryman Nasty Nas. We can understand the different reactions if we know that this collaboration comes for the first time in the history of these two memorials. american rap game.

«Eminem and Nas are on the same track! Two of the greatest rappers who have never collaborated in their 25 years of careerSaid one Twitter user. However, it should be noted that this is not actually the first collaboration. The Missouri rapper had previously appeared on “Cross“One of the songs that caused quite a stir on the album”The Son of Godfrom people At the same time, the latter wished that Em would appear on the remix of his song “Daughters“From Ibn Opus”life is goodBut contrary to all expectations, Eminem refused the offer.

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Fans are excited for the upcoming release of the duo

This is the moment fans have long been hoping for to see two of the greatest songwriters in American rap perform streams on the same track. Would it be safe to imagine that we would have a production full of life and transmission lines that would potentially burn the airwaves? We just keep our breath The second king’s illness Which is supposed to be unveiled in a few days.

While you wait to discover this true collaboration between Nas and Eminem, feel free to read the various reactions of Twitter users, very excited by this announced offer. We were able to choose those with the most media coverage. If you are also excited to see EPMD 2 Of these two mechanisms of streaming you can inform in our comments.