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Laughing in the networks for the similarity of Joe Jonas with a well-known Spanish presenter | the great explosion

Joe Jonas It’s more nostalgic than ever. He is also a member of the group DNCE, who made us dance a lot a few summers ago with songs like ocean cake NS kissing strangersIn 2019, he reunited with his two brothers, Kevin and Nick, to make the return of the Jonas Brothers music scene a reality. And it seemed that that wasn’t enough for Joe, as he took another step forward.

This week celebrated a birthday that might make anyone feel much older. SOSIt is one of the most famous songs of the Jonas brothers, and it is neither more nor less than 14 years old. August 3, 2007 is the date the Disney-born trio released this song with a distinctly rocky twist. And, of course, the interpreters’ dark-haired and dark-haired aesthetics should be in harmony with their music.

Who doesn’t remember Nick’s curls, or Kevin and Joe’s bangs? The band has clearly marked a before and after in the lives of many youngsters (and not the little ones), so the middle of the Three Brothers wanted to give the best tribute to this phase he remembers in his life. Although the result may not be what Joe expected.

“21 Days at the Jonas Brothers”

It was Joe Jonas’ idea Wear a wig in the purest Hannah Montana style And we go out into the street remembering that legendary SOS. Interestingly enough, the character played by Miley Cyrus also “returned” around the same time as the Jonas Brothers two years ago, although we don’t think Joe’s exact intentions are.

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What seemed like a great idea finally turned into another example that “was in his head amazing”, and it was never said better. Because in addition to alegrías, she produced the singer’s “new” hairstyle Lots of jokes on social media. One of the most frequent is the one that is compared to the TV presenter Samantha Villarknown coordination 21 days, so it can really be hacked like other Jonas.

Others saw the appearance of a different atmosphere language teachers, has always been associated with a certain way of dressing, and now it also seems to be with certain hairstyles. Can I succeed in getting a French language teacher?

And, finally, there are those who “confused” the Jonas Brothers member with members of other bands, among which the fashionable group in most parts of the world can not be absent: manskin. Of course, aside from the jokes and memes, exchanging components between both bands surely wouldn’t sound bad at all (temporary, of course).

Obviously, as much as Joe Jonas’ goal wasn’t to make us laugh, he succeeded again in a totally unexpected way. And who knows if this new gesture to their band will mean that the three of them have gathered in the studio to work on new music. We will know enough soon!