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Video. Elton John throws “Dove” in Cannes

Photo: Archive

The atmosphere that Elton Jhon created to share his illusion will be something unforgettable

Last Tuesday 14th August Elton John Appeared in a restaurant in It was He gave a little impromptu performance as he sang his new song.

Diners”Lagerette Beach Restaurant“The famous singer-songwriter encouraged her to dance and clap to the beat.”Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)“.

The song, whose official video was released on August 13, is a remix of an old classic by the British singer, in collaboration with Dua Lipa And the Australian duo PNAU.

The video features animated versions of the stars, and the work was in charge of director and animator Raman Jafari.

Hi, I’m Elton. Nice to see you all. During confinement, I made this new song with Dua Lipa and I want everyone to dance at their tables and move their hands like that,” Elton John said before refreshing the atmosphere with his colossal ‘palomazzo’.

After the same enthusiasm for working together, Dua Lipa expressed his pleasant experience working with the British.

“Elton is a very inspiring artist with a very sloppy sense of humor. It’s the perfect combination. It was an absolute honor and privilege to collaborate with him on this cause.”

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“I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this creative and exhilarating experience, and I can’t wait to hear it all over the place this summer,” the 25-year-old revealed to People magazine.

Similarly, Elton reiterated how fun it was for him to work with the young exponent of current pop music.

β€œShe gave me so much energy. She is really an artist and a great personality, absolutely full of creativity and ideas. The energy he brought to Cold Hart amazed me,” the singer said.

Both artists definitely enjoyed the journey that led to the release of ‘Cold Heart’. However, the atmosphere that Elton Jhon created to share his enthusiasm with the lucky customers of the restaurant will be something to remember.