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“I’m jealous, of course I don’t like it”

Ina Aogo has been stuck in the “Celebrity Big Brother” world for two weeks now. There she lives in a very cramped place with other stars, two of whom the player’s wife has turned her head. Your husband doesn’t like it very much.

“If she was single, I would really like to get to know her,” Danny Lidtke said Monday night on Celebrity Big Brother about co-star Ina Ugo. “She’s such a beautiful, great woman to me. I think she’s amazing. I love it when you’re around.”

Ina Ugo: The 32-year-old has been in a relationship with Denis Ugo for seven years. (Source: Saturday 1)

Two days later, the 32-year-old is still the subject of the “Cologne 50667” star. “I love Ina very much.” Eric Senderman also liked the influencer. “Inna would be my type. She’s a very beautiful woman.”

“I’m jealous”

But Inna is in firm hands and even married. She has been in love with former professional footballer Denis Ugo for seven years. Usually he monitors the situation from home, but the football player is a guest at the live show on Wednesday night.

"Brumi's older brother": Dennis Ugo in conversation with Marilyn Lovin and Jochen Skrupp.  (Source: Saturday 1)“Celebrity Big Brother”: Dennis Ugo in conversation with Marilyn Lovin and Jochen Schrupp. (Source: Saturday 1)

When asked about the men’s enthusiasm, the 34-year-old replied: “I’m jealous of course I don’t like it.” He understands that Danny and Eric are inside his wife. “It also makes me proud.” But: “If I approach her too, I won’t like it, I’ll be completely honest.”

‘It was a tough experience’

However, it is the other scenes that occupy the athlete’s mind. In the past few days, Inna had to cry over and over because she quarreled with one of her residents, for example. In between, she even wanted to stop the experiment. “It was a tough experience,” Dennis said. “Not being able to interfere is of course very difficult as a husband.”

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The footballer explains Inna as an “extremist”. “She acts on her feelings.” However, his wife often notices right away that this is not always true and will back out straight away. “She’s an emotional guy and doesn’t think about everything ten times before she does something.”

If all goes well for Inna, she will have to wait another nine days at the most difficult celebrity share in Germany. The Grand Final of “Celebrity Big Brother 2021” will take place on August 27. The winner wins 100,000 euros.