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Cardboard box – Stéphane Plaza: his real estate agencies bring him a maximum


His company accounts have been consulted by BFM Immo. The M6 ​​host has had a great year 2020.

The network includes more than 600 agencies on behalf of Plaza across the country.


Stéphane Plaza, France’s most famous real estate agent, won the grand prize once again. the site BFM Immo, quoted the pure, Consult the accounts of the network of agencies that bear his name and disclose the income. “After an exceptional year 2019 marked by chaos in branch openings as well as an explosion in sales volume (…) The Stéphane Plaza real estate network repeated in 2020 (…) the network’s revenue actually increased by 10, 7% to 16.5 million euros on Over the course of one year, when the net profit swelled by more than 20% (that is, the entire stack is 1 million euros) to 5.98 million,” we can read.

It’s not all down to someone who is also host on M6, as he owns 25.5% of the network’s shares through his company SP Holding. The rest is shared between the M6 ​​group (49% of the capital), Patrick-Michel Khider de Lusigny and the heirs of Bernard de Crémiers (25.5%).

leave Paris

After Grid chose to “affect the total From dividends to shareholders”, Stefan Plaza received 1.53 million euros before taxes (1.64 million francs). In 2019, it was 1.24 million euros (1.33 million).

The real estate agent and broadcaster announced Sunday on Instagram that he is leaving Paris, just a few months after getting an apartment in which he had taken up a big business. We don’t yet know where he’s moving, but he realized he needed “space”, “calm” and “calm”.

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