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VIDEO Pascal Obispo: These featured credits that made his career take off

If Pascal Obispo is known today for his phenomenal career and for having composed the greatest music, the music that allowed him to begin, it is indeed credits for a television series, as he recalls in 8:30 pm on Sunday.

Before Pascal Obispo became a monster of the stage, he was above all a composer. Thus, the titles were written For seniors, such as Zazie, Florent Pagny, Johnny Hallyday and Patricia Kaas… he even composed the title the reason for its existence Restos du cœur: It was originally a song by France Gall. During his solo career, he also rose to prominence with famous hits like fanAnd wish Likes, but also LucyAnd Anyone where vintage. But before doing all this, Jolie’s husband had to introduce himself and enter the world of music… As everyone knows, beginnings are always the most complicated! Pascal Obispo, succeeded in making himself known to singers by authoring … TV series credits, as Thomas Soto recalls in his 8:30 pm on Sunday. « I guess that was the beginning, how do I say, luck “,” Pascal Obispo analyzes in hindsight, the France 2 group. You probably remember this series, well known 20 years ago …

“We know these refrains!”

« They came to find me, and at last we came to find my publisher, To suggest that I write a series of credits, ‘under the sun’ ’” Pascal Obispo recalls. As a reminder, this series aired on TF1 between 1996 and 2008, among others, Benedict Delmas, Adeline Blundeau, Caroline Drancourt and Tonya Kinzinger. ” Yes, even if we haven’t watched the series before, we know these refrains! »s’exclame Thomas Soto. « Thanks to this course, I was able to buy a musical instrument for myself, I was able to compose, and I was able to progress better in my career, because I was able to buy the working tools for myself, well, what I didn’t have before Shawn’s father remembers. “So thanks for ‘under the sun’ ! The singer concluded with a smile. Like what, even projects we don’t necessarily think can surprise us and make us move forward!

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