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Netflix presents the worst horror movie ever

It’s Halloween and you’re looking to scare yourself with a good horror movie? Why not give in to a bad horror movie, worst of all? Netflix has already shown an online short film directed by…artificial intelligence. So bad that it turns out to be great. And above all hilarious…

Mr. Puzzles wants you to be less lively : From the title, we understand that we are experiencing intergalactic nanopotentials. But nothing can prepare the onlookers for what will follow. And for good reason: This 4-minute, 20-second short film imagined by artificial intelligence has seen actor Keaton Batty watch over 400,000 hours of horror movies. And so the machine has absorbed all the symbols of the genre, to take out all the clichés, and the result is amazing (bad). The worst scenes follow the worst lines, for what instantly becomes a new classic in the B or Z series. It’s perfect for Halloween.

Mister Puzzles wants you to be less alive, if we translate into French the title of this work that we will call … singular, so it narrates the ordeal of a young woman (the famous the last girl), installed in a warehouse atop several saws, while her executioner in the Devil’s Mask rides a tricycle (mounted anyway). You will understand, effect opinion Very strong in this little film, with a clear reference to Chainsaw massacre. And right from the start, when our unfortunate heroine finds out where she is, she issues a perfect response: “Where am I? I have to be in an exciting summer camp.”. Because it’s true that often, in horror movies, it’s best to avoid going to a summer camp where it looks like all 25-year-olds are models…

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Mr. Puzzles, Festival of Replicas that Kill

Trapped, the young woman named Jennifer (“Because you have a body, Jennifer always has a body”, AI reference to Jennifer’s body, an underrated movie starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried), he must try to get out of it by solving puzzles. His favorite teammate has also been kidnapped, but he asks to survive it by saying “I have several families”. It’s big nonsense (no one is ready for Freddy Krueger to appear), in synthetic images, recreating all the worst clichés of horror movies in a few minutes. And you’ll never guess who will come to save the young woman. A wonderful and hilarious moment that luckily does not last long.

uploaded to the official account Netflix joke, on her The “TUDUM” platform regularly publishes humorous content, Mr. Puzzles wants you to be less lively He’s earned a reputation for being the perfect kid since its release, and he’s definitely worth watching this Halloween.

And for more serious stuff (or not), Netflix still has a slew of horror movies and series to watch on October 31: Chase Hill House, triple Fear StreetAnd SorceryAnd Welcome to ZombielandAnd who – whichAnd Weird thingsAnd Scary movieAnd GhostbustersAnd Hotel Transylvania or Hubie Halloween. Fear or laughter like nonsense or candy: the choice is yours!

Source : YouTube – Netflix prank