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Walking Dead: Why won’t Carol appear in the new series?  – News series

Walking Dead: Why won’t Carol appear in the new series? – News series

Melissa McBride, Carol’s translator on “The Walking Dead,” won’t be last in the line of picking the episodic film supposed to follow the adventures of her character and Daryl of Symbolic.

This is news we did not expect. Melissa McBride, Carol’s translator since the first season of Walking Dead, will not appear in the unnamed spin-off film selection, which should have followed the new adventures of Carol and Daryl. The decision, which comes a few weeks after the end of filming for the final episode of the horror series (Part 3 is expected at the end of the year on OCS Choc).

While creative controversies were initially raised to justify this withdrawal, the American channel AMC finally revealed the real reasons for this decision: the series was supposed to be filmed in Europe (a simple transfer of the footage, or evidence of the plot of the film). program?), It seemed impossible for the actress to go several months on another continent, away from her family.

However, incidental findings are still relevant; It was inevitably rewritten to adapt to Carol’s absence, so the series will likely focus on the single character of Daryl. However, hope remains to see Melissa McBride re-enlist in the role, for example, on the Walking Dead anthology tour, in the meantime, on American soil.

Remember that in addition to these two new series, AMC has also commissioned AMC for a third show, Isle of the Dead, with Negan and Maggie. These three series will be broadcast over the next year in the United States (no French channel has been announced at the moment).

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