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Warning to Sweden: Don’t be put off by the EU’s new environmental law

According to the bill, 20 percent of the EU’s nature, on land and at sea, should be returned to functioning ecosystems. The purpose is to protect biodiversity.

In Sweden, it has raised concerns about the consequences for forests and agriculture. Which is why the moderates and Christian Democrats withdrew from negotiations on the law in the EU Parliament, along with the entire conservative group EPP.

I sailed too A struggle over this issue in the Council of Ministers of the European Union, which is led by Sweden as its presiding country. In a letter to Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari (left), heavyweights warned of the consequences if the law is not enforced.

The consignees are the environment ministers of Germany, Spain, France and Luxembourg. The immediate cause of the letter is the information that Sweden is considering taking nature restoration off the agenda at a cabinet meeting next week.

In the letter, seen by DN, the ministers stress that it is “of the utmost importance” that the issue be discussed next week. Otherwise, the whole reform is at risk, which, according to the environment ministers, will send completely wrong signals to both the EU Parliament and international partners. At stake, they say, is the EU’s role and reputation in working for biodiversity.

Belgian Environment Minister Zakia Al-Khattabi raised the tone on Twitter Wednesday night. Sweden’s actions were described as a “coup”.

DN applied for Climate and Environment Minister Romina Pourmokhtari. She is in Svalbard on Thursday and says she is therefore unable to comment.

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According to the press service of Sweden’s representation in Brussels, the issue of restoring nature will be included in the council’s meeting on Tuesday.

At the same time, the battle intensifies On the bill in the European Parliament, where the Environment Committee voted on Thursday. Members who wanted to stop the motion altogether fell short at the finish line when the vote was split 44-44 in panel. The ensuing voting processes became complex with many modifications and could not be completed in a timely manner. The committee will discuss this issue again on June 27.

It weighs very evenly and the Swedish parliamentarians are divided. M, KD and SD against the bill in its current form. S, MP and V for. The liberal party group is split: Karen Karlsbrough supports the Liberals, while Emma Wiesner opposes the Centre.

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fact.This is how the European Union wants to protect more nature

● In June 2022, the EU Commission submitted its proposal for the Nature Restoration Act with the aim of arranging for “continuous and sustainable restoration of resilient nature with biodiversity”. The aim is measures that cover at least 20 per cent of the land and water surface of the European Union in 2030 and all ecosystems that need to be restored by 2050.

● Among other things, it has been proposed to increase the percentage of green spaces in cities by at least three percent by 2040 and five percent by 2050. Each member state must achieve a series of improvements regarding everything from the amount of butterflies and birds to the percentage of forests Which has trees of different ages.

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● “When we restore nature, we allow it to provide us with clean air, clean water, and clean food, and we enable it to protect us from the worst of the climate crisis,” said Executive Vice President for Climate Frans Timmermans in a press release about the law.

Source: TT