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Warsaw. Sports car burned in the street. The day before, it was included in the rental company’s offer

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TVN Warszawa reported the case, but the rental company itself shared some facts. There was also a picture on the rental’s Facebook page the carswhich was almost completely burnt out. And it all happened on Friday night in Pilani, Warsaw.

The driver was speeding at 170 km / h

Although the car was only added to the show a day ago, it will quickly disappear. The company stated that speed monitoring showed that the driver of the car exceeded the speed of more than 170 km / h while driving along Wisłostrada. As the rental company notes, the restrictions on this section are up to 80 km / h. The car also significantly exceeded the engine speed, which indicates that the person who rented it organized a “rally” on the streets of Warsaw.

The exact cause of the fire is not yet known. For this purpose, it will be necessary to conduct a detailed examination of debris. In an interview with TVN Warszawa, the rental company revealed that two people were driving the car. Neither of them was hurt.

The station reports that in the winter of last year the company presented the Porsche Cayman show, which, after only 12 hours of being on the streets of Warsaw, ended up smashing barricades on Twarda Street.

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