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Startujemy z kodem WWDC21

We go with the code. Official call to WWDC21

Last night, Apple sent developers and posted an official invitation to WWDC21 on its website. He also proposed the way of its organization, which is no different from the previous online introduction.

WWDC21 kicks off on Monday, June 7 at 7 p.m.

As a year ago, the developer application will be the center of events. You can download it here App Store dla macOS, iOS, iPadOS i tvOS.

However, most of you will be very interested Conference Opening WWDC21. As I wrote above, our time on Monday, June 7 will start at 7pm. In addition to the developer app, it is also available in standard ways, e.g. On the website Apple Events.

Also at 23.00, Apple will deliver “Status of systems”(Union State). This is a very interesting in-depth announcement about changes in systems based on new opportunities for developers.

A year ago, Apple produced more than 200 themes Video sessionWhose substance is not yet known. In the past, Apple has previously released an agenda in which only news-related topics were “encrypted”.

Developers can order each other session with Apple engineers, who will advise on specific issues.

The new forum will continue to be an important place. Questions and answers related to developer forum topics will be marked with WWDC21.

“Challenges” seems like a novelty.

Throughout the week, coding and design challenges create fun, interactive ways to learn about the latest technologies and structures, and share your work with others.

It will be easier to find yourself in the thickness of WWDC PavilionsAreas with related sessions, labs, and special places exclusively available in the Apple Developer app.

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You can’t miss it Apple Design Award.

More information can be found here We code.