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Whistles, meatballs, defeat… Gianluigi Donnarumma’s nightmarish party in Milan

“It is not right for his former player to whistle like that. Especially when he allowed the selection to win the Euro.” On the terrace of a bar in the center of Turin, Andrea does not take any offense. This Juventus Turin fan came to witness, Wednesday, October 6, Italy’s defeat in the Nations League semi-final against Spain (1-2), which was held 140 kilometers away, at the San Siro stadium in Milan.

The whistles were directed at a man, at the center of all discussions on Wednesday night on the other side of the Alps, Gianluigi Donnarumma. The Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper had a very difficult evening on Wednesday, for his return to the pitch at San Siro, where he played between 2015 and 2021 with Milan. They acquired Tifussi for the Lombardy club that could not digest his departure from Paris Saint-Germain this summer, targeting him throughout the meeting.

On his first ball in the fourth minute and even earlier in the warm-up, Donnarumma whistled and knew he was going to have a very long evening. The best player in the last European Championship and the champion of Nacional during the competition, Donnarumma was expecting a tense reunion with the fans of AC Milan. But he might not have expected the banners to go down the streets of Milan on Tuesday. So someone said: “You will never be welcome in Milan again”.

In Turin, where fans witnessed Italy’s first defeat in 37 matches, opinions were divided over this treatment. If he was playing Milan, I would understand. But not tonight, this is Italy, so I don’t see the target.”Leonardo, an AC Milan fan based in Turin, regrets sitting in the bar in front of the giant screen broadcasting the match. “He’s a great goalkeeper, but when he’s not very good mentally, he tends to mess around.” In the first period, Donnarumma also approached reformism.

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While Italy had just conceded the first goal of the match, the PSG goalkeeper nearly netted a rather harmless shot from Marcos Alonso, before the ball was cleared after it hit his post from a corner kick by the defender.

An error in the hand that strains the space of a few seconds all the Nazionale supporters in the bar. “You could say he’s not good. I heard he wasn’t good at PSG either”, confirms Alessandro, who is also a fan of Milan.

“I understand it was difficult for him, but honestly he could have stayed at AC Milan after everything the club has done for him.”Adds the supportive young man, finished with a beer. The worst part about this Milan evening for Donnarumma was that he couldn’t silence the fans at the San Siro. His only important stop in the match, in front of Marcos Alonso, came after two goals from Ferran Torres could not do anything.

“I gave everything for Milan, right up to the end. If anything happens, I’ll be really sorry because the semi-final is a very important match. I hope the fans can help us.”, Donnarumma explained to Gazzetta dello sport before the match.

A statement as a warning from the scenario on Wednesday night, the first match in his career with Italy, in which he conceded two goals. “Whistles against Donnarumma? I am sorryAt the end of the meeting, Roberto Mancini, the Italian coach, expressed his regret.

But if Donnarumma wants to keep a positive point at the end of this defeat, it is that he will play the match for third place at Juventus Stadium on Sunday, in a decidedly calmer context. But will this match leave a mark on the great goalkeeper’s head when he returns to Paris, where he faces competition from Keylor Navas?

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