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Why did they compare Güiri güiri with Eugenio Derbez

Users on social networks attacked Eugenio Derbez for his rivalry with Andres Bustamante (Image: Twitter / @arturotinoco1)

In social networks the name appeared Andres Bustamantea character dedicated to comedy who experienced one of her best phases with a team Ansarheaded by Jose Ramon Fernandez. However, the reason for his appearance was comparison Which some users made out of their tracks nonetheless Eugenio Derbezafter the protagonist No refunds He’ll make fun of some of the posts you made Claudia Sheinbaum.

Hours after the Mexico City prime minister posted a viral tweet with the description “No, it’s not Switzerland, it’s the Xochimilco ecological park in Mexico City” To promote one of 16 public parks rehabilitated under the #SembrandoParques initiative, the comedian joined the conversation. However, his publications They were directed to ridicule Samra’s initiative.

Through his Twitter account, the actor who gave life to him ludovico plush Published a series of three publications. In the first of them, he showed a scene of four Tragineras in the channels of Xochimilco and described the image as “No, it’s not Venice, it’s Xochimilco, in Mexico City.”

The Hooligan was one of the most recognizable characters for Andres Bustamante (Image: Twitter / @alberto_beltran)
The Hooligan was one of the most recognizable characters for Andres Bustamante (Image: Twitter / @alberto_beltran)

The same dynamic was presented in the other two publications where it showed a scene of a group of children playing in a park, as well as Ahuehuete being placed in place of Palma on Reforma Street. For both cases, books “No, it’s not Disneyland, it’s a park in Tlalpan in Mexico City”Beside “No, it’s not Sherwood Forest, it’s the dry forest of Ahuhueti in Reforma in Mexico City”Straight.

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The sarcasm made some people uncomfortable, who joined in the thrust of the conversation and They started comparing their careers with the ones he built Andres Bustamante.

“No, it’s not an original, iconic comedian, it’s a crude, imaginative and ruthless version of the great actor and comedian Andres Bustamante.”“Andrés Bustamante was a great comedian, unlike the pathetic Eugenio Derbez”, “He’s not Eugenio Derbez, it’s trying to be Andrés Bustamante” and “No, it’s not Exaggerate s man in water Which is a copy” in reference to his movie, were some of the comments made by Twitter users.

Eugenio Derbez was the Televisa-branded comedian while covering the World Cup and the Olympics (Image: Twitter / @stonegrey232)
Eugenio Derbez was the Televisa-branded comedian while covering the World Cup and the Olympics (Image: Twitter / @stonegrey232)

It is worth noting that in the 1990s, Derbez and Bustamante maintain professional competition From the Mexican TV rating. while the translator Arming the holes defend Televisawho gave life Guiri Guiri I did it for the sports team Azteca TV. However, Eugenio went so far as to state the following:

“I was lucky to meet Andres in a hurry at the World Cup. I liked him because he started an event before I; He was the first to joke around in the Olympics, he was a role model and I admired him very much. With Andres I had no rivalry because he was a fan for me.”And the remembered with Golden scorpion.

Although he had a noticeable distance from TV, nowadays Andrés Bustamante is still associated with the middle of the show. Even at the end of March 2022, he confirmed his participation as Actor’s voice about the movie Minions 2: A villain is bornwhere it will give a sound Puppy, the hero of the story. He also participates in the cast Luis Garcia, Christian Martinolicurrent historians of Aztec Sports.

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Years before delving into this aspect, Bustamante rose to fame Along with its extensive catalog of characters from hand Jose Ramon Fernandez. Thanks to his ingenuity, he became one of the The basic elements of a team AnsarAnd the So his appearances in coverage of the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup became one of the most anticipated events from 1990 to 2006.

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