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Zendaya responds if she is pregnant after controversial video on TikTok

Zendaya did not humorously capture the video circulated on TikTok about her pregnancy by her boyfriend, who is also an actor. Tom Holland.

It turns out that a video clip circulating on this platform shows the ultrasound that the actress allegedly shared on her Instagram account.

Zendaya is pregnant! This is what many think when they see the supposed publication of the hero of the novel “Spider-Man” but it is all a joke.

This video is part of a trend called “Crisid,” which refers to Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, who finally appears carefree, dancing and making it clear that it’s a joke.


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Zendaya did not like it and expressed it in her networks:

“You see, that’s why I don’t go to Twitter. People make things up for no reason…every week,” she wrote.


It’s too bad for fans who think Zendaya and her boyfriend Tom Holland will debut as parents; Just a few weeks ago, the couple bragged about their love on Instagram as a cute picture in which the actress congratulated her boyfriend. .

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