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Why Lidia Ávila sells chips while OV7 solves her struggles

The singer will promote her personal projects while the band comes to an agreement (Image: Instagram/@lidiaavila)

During an interview with several reporters, Lydia Avila He revealed that he will focus on his personal projects in the face of the mystery surrounding his members OV7Among these plans, Put a tortilla shopAlthough her talent is musical, she is looking forward to forge the path of entrepreneurship.

The 41-year-old singer announced that her upcoming work will be ready in September And that this is a family tradition for her husband Isaac de Hita, who is scheduled to be a surgeon. This would be a staple in Mexican cuisine made with cheese according to the tamaulipas recipe:

“Starting in September, some cheese tortilla chips will be on sale, and they are made on my father-in-law’s farm. It is well known in the northern Tamaulipas district My friends from the city said they were happy.” sweating;

The singer has ruled that Ciega's relaunch means her solo career (Image: Instagram/@lidiaavila)
The singer has ruled that Ciega’s relaunch means her solo career (Image: Instagram/@lidiaavila)

In addition to your culinary work, Lydia Avila fired again blind, One of his songs from years past. This song was part of his second solo album in the early 2000s.

blind It’s a song I wanted to play after so many years, which I recorded around 2004 on my second solo album. It was a song written for me exclusively by Jose Luis Roma.”

In the same way he enthusiastically mentions that he continues to sing this song at family gatherings and his fans love it very much, so he considers it blind and re-release As a gift to them.

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despite of The complicated situation he is going through with his teammates OV7Avila denied that this project was about his breakup with the band or a way to show that he would be releasing as a soloist:

OV7 members are banned (Image: Instagram @oficialov7)
OV7 members are banned (Image: Instagram @oficialov7)

“Note that at this point, the term ‘going solo’ isn’t among my priorities. It’s simply doing what I like and what I like. I don’t think there’s one thing going against the other (…) Both OV7, I think they did things individually, as entrepreneurs, in music, production or acting. It’s okay,” as mentioned in the evening Azteca.

Regarding the conflict with her classmates, she mentioned that she needed a space alone to be able to explain. newly Mariana Ochoa I decided to open up about how the friction started No reunification allowed Among the group members confirmed that everything is due to Ampalia believes that Lydia Avila spoke badly of her.

As Erica Zappa already revealed, he apathetically assured the show Today that OV7 They decided not to talk about what made them separate. In fact, it was reported that there is a file vow of silence Among the members that everyone decided to respect this time more than ever until the problem is don’t grow up and the media.

The band feud could have started as a misunderstanding between M'balia and Lydia Avila
The band feud could have started as a misunderstanding between M’balia and Lydia Avila

Despite this and that I don’t want to talk about Lydia Or other selected members, who also confirmed that they will have a meeting soon that all their colleagues will have to go to to calm things down and make a decision What will happen to the group? And with the tour on the thirtieth anniversary of its founding.

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In his own words, in his conversations with Kalimba he realized that the whole conflict I started with Misunderstanding between Lydia Avila and Mbalia.

“When I spoke with Kalimba, we came to the conclusion that some They needed to talk to each other Because there is a misunderstanding that “if so he said, if so he didn’t tell me”. I guess apathetically she thinks Lydia said things she didn’t, and that’s what I believeThe singer admitted.

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