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Nolwenn Leroy unveils “Brazil, Finistère” video filmed…in Dunkirk


Nolwenn Leroy and his team of skaters in “Brazil, Finistere”.

MUSIC – sun, snowboard and sea. This Thursday, August 26, Nolwenn Leroy revealed the clip for his new song. Brazil, Finistere Which, contrary to what the title implies, was neither filmed on a beach in Latin America nor in Brittany.

No, in the north of France, specifically in the city of Dunkirk, there is an interpreter broken He put his bags during the shoot “Under the sun and the great wind of freedom […] In a cheerful atmosphere dominated by lightness.”

“Brazil and Finistere, Japan, Planet Earth,” the singer voiced in the video that you can see below.

The choice of filming location is amazing. The song, written and composed by Benjamin Beaulay, at no time mentions the town of Hauts-de-France. This is surprising in light of the association of Nolwenn Leroy, of Saint-Renan in Finistère, with his region. Many of his songs, such as BrestAnd My Brittany when it rains where Baghdad, because it is Bihuy can attest to that.

Brazil, Finistere It is the new single from his upcoming album, whose name and release date has yet to be released. his last record people It dates back to 2018.

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