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Workday Adaptive Planning Use Cases

If you want help with budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, Workday Adaptive Planning is boss. The system can help companies of any size gain business agility in what is an evolving business environment. What’s more, you can plan collaboratively across your organization sans spreadsheets or unwieldy legacy systems. But don’t take it from us. Here are some Workday Adaptive Planning use cases – and more.

Financial Planning

Let’s look first at Adaptive Planning components. For help with analysis, reporting, and comprehensive financial planning, Workday has the goods. You can put together on-point budgets and forecasts easily and swiftly and collaborate from your desktop or mobile device.

Workforce Planning

If you want to level up your planning game, Workday has you. If you want to put forth dynamic workforce plans that will drive improved business results, Workday has you there, too. You can use the software to fortify your collaboration with business leaders to make the most of workforce plans to reach your strategic goals.

Sales Planning

Here, you can use Adaptive Planning to wring the most from sales resources, heighten sales rep performance, and give you more predictability, especially if you get help from the consultant Mercer. What’s more, you can put together rep capacity plans to hit topline bookings aims while deploying the appropriate quotas and establishing balanced territories. If you link your sales and financial plans, you’ll get one, but dependable, fact source.

Workday Adaptive Planning Use Cases

Here are some Workday Adaptive Planning case studies that will give you a practical idea of how the system works.

  • Commerce Bank. The bank already had a wide array of Workday products when Adaptive Planning came into play. Ultimately, the software improved the bank’s workforce planning in many ways, including the bank’s ability to view pertinent data all in one place. “The Workday Adaptive Planning ROI for us is mainly the hundreds of hours we save in creating budgets.” –Commerce VP, Talent Management Technology
  • HireVue. To help HireVue meet its key sales planning goals, Workday Adaptive Planning enabled contemporary, strategic, FP&A practices. “We’ve switched from thinking about planning once a year to planning on a continuous basis, so we can tell where we are and where we’re going.” –Thom Keyes, director of financial planning and analysis
  • TuneIn. Its planning process became much more collaborative through Workday, leading to more faith in the FP&A team in terms transparency and accuracy. “Workday Adaptive Planning offers a more efficient way to answer key business questions.” –TuneIn
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Workday Adaptive Planning Reviews

Hey, sometimes you need to hear from the horse’s mouth about Workday:

  • “Love the shared functionality and visibility that Workday Adaptive Planning provides. Being able to see how changes affect the bottom line on the fly, and the ability to audit previous changes, makes collaboration a breeze.” –Frank Jiang, Mitchell International
  • “I’m a veteran to FP&A and have used Excel, Oracle Hyperion/Essbase and several other tools, and this is by far the best. It has been the easiest to use.” –Jimmy Roybal, Tealium

Now that you’ve seen a few of the Workday Adaptive Planning use cases, you can see some of the benefits of going with the Workday software. And while the tool stands on its own, it would behoove you to buy and implement it through the consultant Mercer, which can help you transform your workforce, financials, and sales planning – with datasets that’ll knock your socks off, plus potent technology.

It’s important to remember that technology by itself doesn’t alone bring about change. You need help optimizing your fancy new system. To realize the value of your investment, enlist some superior assistance.