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The Austrian endured the pressure.  The poles were the backdrop for the rivals

The Austrian endured the pressure. The poles were the backdrop for the rivals

Although the referees did not allow the length to be exceeded, the outcome of the match at Wisla was thrilling. John Horle, who won for the first time in his life, endured the test of his nerves. The Poles did not start the fight.

Mateusz Kozanecki

Kamil Stoch

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / In Photo: Kamil Stoch

– Kamil did not confirm that everything is fine in such jumps, Sunday, however, he has another chance – said coach Michael Dolesall after the team match on Saturday.

The three-time Olympic champion must admit that he used his opportunity to some extent. In the first round he jumped 117 meters and was ninth in the half.

The positives ended based on the performance of the poles. Only Piotr Żyła and Aleksander Zniszczoł were able to advance to the second series. However, both had to wait for the weak jumps of their rivals to finally get a spot in the “30s.

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It is better to lower the screen of silence to the efforts of the remaining whites and reds. David Kubaki, 32nd, was also close to the second round. The remaining seven finished 40th to 49th without reaching even 110 meters.

It may have been a consolation that the three Polish delegates scored points for the first time this season. Let’s add that Holvore Eckner experienced Granerut problems. The Norwegian did not score any points for the third time in a row – first he did not qualify in Ruga and in Wisla he was interrupted by the wind. The 102.5-meter jump was ahead only of Andrzej Stikala and Domina Brevka, who were disqualified for the illegal case.

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In the first series, the jury set up a very careful run-up. John Horle descended the longest distance and reached 122 meters. In total, only five tabs were recorded per design point. During the break, penetration was extended from beam 10 to beam 12.

However, this does not translate into the results of the poles. Piotr Żyła reached 116 meters, and Aleksander Zniszczoł descended near half a meter. Thus, they did not improve the situation after the first round.

The wind blew at the back of the mountain for the rivals almost all the time. In the middle of the second series, the wind turned for a moment, which was felt immediately after the distances reached by the players. After several attempts over 125 meters, the jury reacted and the beam was lowered. At the same time, the situation again became unfavorable. You can dream about jumping far.

Kamil Stokes was very disappointed after his second attempt. He had reasons for this – jumping to a height of 116.5 meters was not his ultimate performance, even with the rear air in mind. His presence in the top ten was questionable and the pole had to wait until the situation developed. Eventually he was 11 years old.

It should be emphasized that none of the poles were able to jump to the construction point during the entire Sunday race, i.e. the test series and competition, except for the low flow.

Eventually, emotions developed during each tab, and one can regret that coach Michael Dolce’s players did not take part in this fight. The last person on the beam was John Horle, who only appeared on stage once – in Engelberg in 2019, when he was third.

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The Austrian bearer of the test of the nerves, won the 128 meters. Thus, the fifth contestant won the competition this year. This is a situation that has not been heard of for more than twenty years.

The 23-year-old was definitely ahead of Marius Lindwick, and Stephen Croft finished the podium of the tournament. The Polish team scored only 35 points for the Nations Cup, so there was no breakout. Another chance at the German Klington on December 11-12.

Results of the individual competition at Wisla:

I do it Player Region Distances Note
1. John Horle Austria 121/128 261.9
2. Marius Lindwick Norway 122/124 255.2
3. Stephen Croft Austria 120/123 253.6
4. Carl Geeker Germany 117/123 251.3
5. Marcus Eisenhower Germany 120,5 / 119,5 246.3
6. Prices Previous Slovenia 121 / 116,5 241.6
7. Pius Paske Germany 119 / 120,5 241.2
8. Lavro Goes Slovenia 119/128 240.3
9. Gillian Beer Switzerland 118/129 240
10. Robert Johansson Norway 116,5 / 128,5 238.8
11. Kamil Stoch Poland 117 / 116,5 236.5
25. Piotr Luயாa Poland 115/116 218.3
26. Destroyer Alexander Poland 116,5 / 115,5 217.8
32. David Kubaki Poland 113 103.6
40. Paul Vasek Poland 107 96.3
41. Tomas Bilch Poland 106.5 95,8
43. Stephen Hula Poland 104 88
45. Jacques Volney Poland 104.5 83.8
46. Jan Habtas Poland 100 82.3
47. Clemens Muranca Poland 101.5 82.1
49. Andrzej Stękaa Poland 100,5 74.7

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