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Yuya shares photos of his avocado crop.

After she gave birth to her son, influencer and businesswoman Yuya became one of the most followed people on social networks in Mexico.

over the years, Yuya has won the hearts and emotions of millions of people. Her unquestionable content, honesty and warmth have made her one of the most influential women in our country.

It is enough to see their social networks, go to the comments of each of their posts to realize the love that their followers love You have, to become a du account, in an expression full of pure good feelings.

This Tuesday, November 16th, Yuya shared a series of photos via his official Instagram account which has nearly 20 million followers.

In the photos, Yuya is seen in a green dress next to her harvest of avocados, which were given from a tree she took care of herself. “I have taken care of my tree for many years and have finally been able to harvest avocados. I am looking forward to showing them off”He wrote on his Instagram.

The post did not go unnoticed by any of her followers, who soon shared tender photos, making the businesswoman’s name popular. In various social networks you can see photos accompanied by messages dedicated to him by his followers.

Yuya and his tender publications

In October, Yuya and artist Siddhartha became parents Being one of the hottest news of the year millions of followers never stopped sharing the event or their enthusiasm.

With a touching photo of the little hand of his son Mar, Yuya shared his son’s birth with the entire community for the first time with a short text: “The sea is on the ground and I am in the clouds. “

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On October 30, Yuya celebrated her baby’s first month while cooking some cake, Which he shared on social networks, surpassing a million reactions. The reason for tenderness is the description he put on the pictures: “I always dreamed that if one day I could have children, I would make their cakes myself. (How good you can’t eat it yet because it was too dry.)