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ZDF heute: Petra Gerester fights tears! Ultimate emotional broadcast

ZDF heute: A passionate farewell! Presenter Petra Gerester fights tears

“ZDF heute” presenter Petra Gerester broke into tears.

Photo: ZDF

Her last appearance was in “ZDF today– Radio. Now the mediator is leaving Petra Gerester In retirement well deserved.

In its last broadcast it is “ZDF today“- Mediator Petra Gerester Surprised by her colleague. To say goodbye, there were flowers, a video, and a few tears.

“ZDF heute”: Presenter Petra Gerster retires – “Lebbe Go Weider”

Almost everything went so smoothly on her last appearance. Short technical error, no more. Then something followed, which Petra Gerester had not anticipated. Sports presenter Norbert Lehmann said after the lottery numbers: “Petra now has a few more numbers for you: 32 and 3661. 32 years in ZDF and 3661, this is your bid 3661. A huge gain for your husband is a huge loss for us.”

Then there was an emotional farewell video with the most beautiful and important scenes of her long career from its inception until today. Even the cute Petra Gerester was visibly touched and choked some tears. She struggled for words after Lyman presented her with a bouquet of flowers: “That was so surprising now.”

Finally, she said goodbye to the audience and thanked them for their confidence. In the end there was a quote from former Frankfurt football coach Dragoslaw Stepanovic: “Lippi goes away.”

Introduction to “ZDF heute” Petra Gerester: These are your plans

Just a few months ago, “Tagesschau” spokesperson Jan Hoover ended his career, and now the famous ZDF face is leaving. Petra Gerester broke up after 23 years – Wednesday evening she was in front of the camera one last time for “ZDF heute” news.

Yan Hoover takes off his tie to say goodbye, it gets less exciting with her. I cannot serve a tie, and I cannot take off anything else (laughs). And she told SPIEGEL: “No, I will keep my farewell short and simple.”

Petra Gerester also revealed what her future is like: “My project is less exciting: I will write a book with my husband again. After that, we hope there will be readings with a real audience.”


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Petra Gerester is married to publicist Christian Nurnberger and has two children. Her family will soon have a new addition: “There’s also a dog entering the house – that’s what I look up to a lot. We just have to agree on whether he’s going to be a Schnauzer, Terrier or a mixed breed again,” she said from the sewing box.

Now Petra Gerester has time first to process her passing. In the “Spiegel“An interview explains that she did not have time to think about it yet. (FS)

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