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Sergio Mayer Morey apologized for saying he hates the RBD

Some of the comments on his post indicated that they want him out of Infobae.

In the last hours of May 25, actor S.Erg Mayer Morey apologized To his colleagues and followers after his controversial statements He admitted that he hates RBD, The project that is part of it.

By posting on his Instagram profile, Son of Sergio Mayer and Barbara MoreyHe highlighted it He misrepresented himself as he did during the live broadcast Where I assure that I sing the band’s songs only “Baqd”.

I want to apologize to all and all of Rebelde’s fansAnd my colleagues are on this project. I am so sorry for what happened. I was wrong to express myself like I did and I’m so sorry for hurting you. I promise to learn from you, “says the picture.

Accompanying this letter was the following description: “I have to accept the lesson of humility that I had to learn these days because of my arrogant attitude and the words I used. With all my heart, sorry“, He expressed.

(Screenshot / Instagram @ smayermori)

So far, he posted it on Instagram She has nearly 10,000 likes and over 3000 comments, among them those made by followers of the popular teen group born on October 4, 2004, stand out. They did not accept his apology and want him outside of the project.

“Get out of the project, no one wants it anymore in this”, “I can’t stand you anymore, I get angry”,As easy as quitting smoking and doing something you’re passionate about, “What do my boss say if I don’t apologize, they run away from me,” or “if you don’t like Rebelde then don’t do that, period. I don’t know what production expects to decipher it, ”were some of the responses to Mayer Morey.

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It was May 24th when the young actor talked about his personal projects, however Once a user asked him to sing the RBD song, Sergio admitted his hatred for the group. This was a few weeks after rumors spread that the actor was having trouble producing The rebel Because of the “bad posture.”

“They ask a lot from RBD and I’ll tell them something, Yes I do the project, yes I am in RBD, yes I have to enrich them, because I have to enrich them with knots, but I hate RBD, this is the reality. Sergio admits that I don’t like the songs, I’ve never seen this “thing”.

Sergio Mayer Morey was announced as part of the crew of the new edition of "The rebel".  (Photo: @ smayermori / Instagram)
Sergio Mayer Mori was announced as part of the cast in a remake of “Rebelde”. (Photo: @ smayermori / Instagram)

After this strong confession, the girlfriend of the young actor Raquel Chávez confirmed that she loves the group. However, it was considered completely “respectful” for Mayer Morey to express herself this way about the Mexican TV producer.

“I really saw“ Rebelde, ”she went to a concert they held in Cancun, she loved it. But Sergio never saw it, he never liked it and he could be respected. Today he does so because it is a great opportunity. ” The young influencer concluded in an audiovisual that has been deleted from Morrie’s account.

The controversy over RBD and Sergio Mayer Mori started in April, since rumors of their engagement surfaced, when Netflix producers have called attention to the 23-year-old actor, as he has a rude and feisty attitude.

magazine TV Notas He said that the musician also has a problem with being rude and irresponsible. “He’s arrogant, he thinks he’s more than his peers, and He says that the series will only succeed because of him, He is also assumed to be the only person famous for Tossing “, Read based on testimony from someone close to production.

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