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“ZDF TV Garden” on May 29, 2022: “TV stays off!” This guest list causes scenes to be interrupted

Recently, “ZDF TV Garden” attracted nearly 1.6 million viewers: from the inside in front of the screens. On Sunday (29/05/2022) Andrea Kewell invites many guests to the park games. But in social networks, joy is anything but great.

“Hard, Harder, TV Garden!” On Sundays, Andrea Kewell invites you to the park games in Lerchenberg in Mainz.
Photo: ZDF/Sascha Baumann

“Just hard to get into the garden”: the old saying Andrea Kewell Literally and this Sunday he invites you to the garden games in Lerchenberg in Mainz. In addition to games, fun and action, there should also be a lot of musical entertainment in “ZDF TV Garden” Give.

ZDF Fernsehgarten Show May 29, 2022: Andrea Kewell greets these guests at Garten-Games

On Sunday (May 29, 2022) the event should be “crude and tougher than ever” at the ZDF Television Garden. Notable athletes compete against each other in four sports disciplines. Also in attendance were Susi Kentikian, Ekaterina Leonova, Christian Polanc, Julius Brink, Matthias Steiner and Pascal Haines. Kristen Ott, City, Sam Ryder, Nino D’Angelo, Michelle, Lowe, DJ Herzbet feat. Joy Hendel, Anna Sophie and Tina – responsible for the musical Tina Turner and York Paulus.

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“Stubborn like monkeypox!” ‘ZDF TV Garden’ guest list angers Twitter, Co.

Some of the invitees have already caused a stir online beforehand. “Out is coming, TV is going,” reads a Facebook comment. Another Facebook user does not understand the criticism and writes: “Kristen Ott, by far the best singer in Germany!” But it wasn’t the “always laughing” singer who angered the network. Another comment reads “Michelle turns, otherwise the dog thinks the siren will go off again.” “Michelle again… She is as stubborn as monkey pox,” Loud Twitter user. We won’t find out how bad the latest version of “ZDF TV Garden” is until Sunday.

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