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Zebra was about to bite the man’s arm – he had to be shot by the police

Over the weekend, police in Ohio received calls of the slightly more bizarre kind, namely a man who said he had been attacked by a zebra, reports say. hv news.

When police and emergency services arrived at the 72-year-old’s farm, they found him lying on the ground in a hedge surrounded by a herd of zebras. The police forced through the fence and tried to drive away from the man and the herd with the help of their car, but according to the police report, a large male zebra approached and “acted very aggressively”.

Using horns and sirens, they manage to scare away the aggressive zebra far enough to get the man out. He was given a tourniquet, a type of bandage that is wrapped tightly around a part of the body to prevent bleeding, around his arm and loaded into an ambulance.

He continued to act aggressively – he had to be shot

According to the police report, the zebra continued to behave aggressively, and when he approached the police again, they made the decision to shoot him.

“The zebra did not slow down but continued to advance towards me,” the police wrote in their report, saying that he tried to scream to scare him. CNN.

They believe that the male zebra acted very aggressively as he tried to protect the herd of females in the enclosure.

The injured man remains in hospital, but his condition is stable and he does not appear to need an arm amputated. according to WSYX-TV It is likely that the man will get other zebras.

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Zebras are not listed as wild or dangerous animals in the state of Ohio, which means they can be owned as pets.

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