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A public kiss between Danny Buchner and her “Woman of Dreams” co-star.

Kiss by Danny Buchner

© Instagram screenshot: dannibuechner

What’s going on between Danny Buchner and “Woman of Dreams” co-host Dennis Schick? During a birthday party, there is a wet and happy kiss.

Cologne – Danny Buchner, 43, is currently visiting her old home in Germany. Mallorcan of his choice is currently located in Cologne with her eldest daughter Joelina (22). After the influencers’ nerves were frayed by rush hour traffic on the highway, they now seem to be in a good mood again.

Dani and Giulina are invited to a birthday party in Cologne. After a fancy dinner with friends, one or another bottle of wine is opened (and, of course, emptied). But the “Farewell Germany” immigrants aren’t the only celebrities at the party. Dennis Sheek, 33, was also among the party’s guests. He once went to “Traumfrau sucht” in search of a great love. Did he meet her at the party? Reported by IPPEN.MEDIA.

Dennis Sheek gives Danny Buchner a big kiss

They seem to have known each other for a long time, as a look at Dennis’ Instagram profile reveals. A few weeks ago there was a picture with a mother of five. The two seem to get along perfectly. But is there more than friendship?

At the party, Dennis gives Danny a greasy slap on the cheek, while Juliana diligently pours wine. Who knows, maybe the two will soon delight their followers with plenty of couple photos together.

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