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Alex goes to the “No Win” semi-finals

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CD Victoria. Young Victorians Alex lived one of the most important and interesting nights of his life, because he had to defend his place in “La Voz Kids” to advance to the semi-finals in search of winning the aforementioned reality.

Whoever managed to transfer the four coaches through a blind test, had to face Camilla RM of Guadalajara and Camila Alvarez of Monterrey in their fight, all of them part of the team of singer Camilo, who decided to leave this trio for their last fight of the night.

In the capsule before the fight, Alex said he was happy and nervous on testing. Regarding the song that he seeks to take to the next stage, he admitted that he did not know it, so he had to learn it before the competition that would be held on stage.

The vocal duo were with “I Don’t Know How To Live If He Wasn’t With You,” a song that filled the “No Beat” stage with sadness, in which they managed to move Camilo, Belinda, Mao and Ricky as well as Maria Jose because the three of them achieved a wonderful interpretation.

Upon taking the floor, Mao and Ricky praised Alex’s voice by saying that it has a very wide range. Maria Jose said she was speechless because she considered the fight to be the “battle” of the entire program, and indicated that Alex made her cry with his voice.

For her part, Belinda also said that it was her favorite fight and later stated that Alex was born with a gift and that he is “very special”. Finally, it was Camilo’s role that had to make a very complicated decision, as he had to bid farewell to two adorable voices.

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Before announcing who would go to the semi-finals, the three talented vocalists gave their coach a “gift” by wearing a mustache and vocals cut from the most popular songs of the artist who chose Alex to go to the Grand Final.