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Death of TV Star Willie Herren (45) – Cologne Police have confirmed

Mourning Willie Herren: The “Lindenstrasse” star has passed away at the age of 45. The actor was found lifeless in his apartment in Cologne.

Willie Herreren has passed away .. As reported by Bild, the Ballerman star has passed away at the age of 45. His manager and the Cologne Police confirmed the sudden death of the actor, which can be seen in almost all guises as more or less well-known can be reprimanded and portrayed at some point. He is best known for his role on “Lindenstrasse. From 1992 to 2007 he was in front of the camera for the ARD series.”

The daily said that the TV star, who can now be seen in the final season of “Celebrities Under Palms”, had died from an overdose. In the past, the 45-year-old has repeatedly had a drug problem. Herrin never kept this a secret. But this time it should have cost him his life. The emergency call must have been received at the fire brigade control center at noon. A procedure has been initiated to determine the cause of death. The police were initially unable to provide any additional information.

“Goodbye, love of my life”

Willie Herrin last lived in the apartment with his wife Jasmine. The couple separated a few weeks ago after two years of marriage. On the 2nd of March, Yasmine Herren wrote on Instagram, “Goodbye, love of my life.” The singer himself did not comment on the marriage.

Last Friday, the actor opened a food truck with his children. Since he was unable to perform as a musician at Ballermann due to the Corona pandemic, Willi Herren was considered the second pillar. The TV star fulfilled a “lifelong dream” by selling potato pancakes. “I always said, ‘If you ever retire, it would be with potatoes,” the artist says. Just four days later, Willie Herrin is dead.

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