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Anna Maria Verschi in the hospital

Due to complications, Anna Maria Versicchi missed a court hearing on Wednesday morning. Two days later, Bushido posted a photo from the hospital. The rapper is worried about his pregnant wife.

In fact, Anna Maria Verschi was supposed to testify in court on Wednesday in the criminal trial against a clan leader in Berlin. But Bushido’s wife did not show up, and instead canceled by email.

There are complications with her client, the presiding judge read an email from the witness’s lawyer. It was not known precisely why the 39-year-old did not attend the appointment and what complications had occurred.

“I will stay by your side forever”

But the concern about Anna-Maria Ferchichi seems to be great: because now, two days after the missed court date, Bushido posted a disturbing photo on Instagram. You can see the musician holding his wife’s hand. The photo was apparently taken at the hospital, and intravenous access can be seen on the pregnant woman’s wrist.

The 42-year-old wrote: “I will be by your side forever. Get well soon my love.” Anna Maria Ferchichi commented on the post, “I know, baby. We can do that too.” The couple, who have been in a relationship for ten years, did not say much more.

However, one thing is certain: Sarah Connor’s sister is currently pregnant – with identical triplets. Pregnancy was not always smooth. She recently revealed to her fans via Instagram that she was 12 weeks old and had a hemorrhage. She is now in her fifth month and can be enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. “Since then, I’ve been happy and grateful!”

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