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Attention motorists - change at toll plazas on highways!

Attention motorists – change at toll plazas on highways!

On December 1, the manual toll collection system in the A4 Wrocław – Gliwice Sośnica section of the A4 motorway will be replaced by an electronic system. Drivers of light vehicles (passenger cars and motorcycles) will pay for the trip using an application prepared by the National Revenue Administration or affiliate distribution networks. This is a huge change, so it’s worth knowing the new payment methods in advance. In addition, a new transportation system will appear at customs. We urge you to be especially careful!

Drivers will only be able to use the four entry and exit lanes on the right side of the road at Toll Collection Square in Żernica from 1 December due to a change in the toll collection system. Central lanes will be excluded from traffic. You can no longer collect card tickets at ticket desks or pay for the trip to the collector. The speed limit in PPO is 50 km / h.

For drivers of passenger vehicles, the Gliwice section of the A4 motorway will be free on the Wroclaw-Clivis Sosnica section (Clivis Bypass: Glezkov – Żernica). There is no need to purchase an e-Motorway ticket or use the e-TOLL PL application, as announced by the Ministry of Finance. – The control system, installed on the entry and exit lanes, is designed to identify vehicles passing only on the Gliwice bypass (Kleszczów – Żernica section), and in such cases, there is no violation of payment. – According to the Ministry of Finance.

From December 1, you can pay for the use of state highways:

  • In the new e-Doll PL ticket application, the e-Doll system is a motorway e-ticket that can be purchased at affiliate applications and a fixed distribution network of partners;
  • Sends geolocation data to the e-TOLL system using the e-TOLL PL utility or OBU / ZSL on-board devices.
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Electronic tickets can be purchased up to 60 days in advance. It is valid for 48 hours from the announced date and travel time.

Drivers who encounter difficulty in handling the toll collection application prepared by the National Revenue Administration will be able to purchase an electronic ticket on the fixed service networks of the Ministry of Finance partners without having to occasionally drive on motorways or use digital solutions. Points should be available on the website

If the vehicle is driven without payment in the state sections of A2 and A4, the PLN 500 surcharge will be levied on the owner or holder or user of the vehicle for up to 14 days. No additional charge will be levied if the motorway e-ticket is purchased within 3 days from the end of the journey. – Restrictions on tolls on highways may be regulated by customs and tax services officers, police and road traffic inspectors. If a valid motorway e-ticket or GPS device during the test is found to be sending geolocation data to the e-TOLL system (e-TOLL PL, OBU / ZSL application) the driver will be fined. PLN 500. Criminal fines are threatened by the driver’s actions aimed at preventing the vehicle’s registration plates (covering, decorating, adding additional markings, etc.) from being properly read. – According to the Ministry of Finance.

Further information on the new payment methods can be found on the National Revenue Administration website ( (mf /