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Boris Johnson banned from reading notebooks after Partigit scandal

Boris Johnson was not allowed to read what he wrote during his time as Prime Minister.

He writes that he is not allowed to share 25 notebooks containing highly sensitive information times.

It is supposed to be a total of 25 notebooks withheld from Boris Johnson by the British government. An examination showed that some of the pages contained highly sensitive information, according to the newspaper. Even Johnson’s WhatsApp messages have caused a headache.

The recommendation is that only people who have been approved to have access to the highest level of classified material should be allowed to read the notes and if the notes are returned to Boris Johnson they should be “properly stored” in a safe place.

Detailed notes are kept

Johnson’s remarks are at the center of the investigation into the so-called “Partigate” scandal. The former prime minister announced his resignation as MP last week after receiving preliminary findings of a report examining whether he had made misleading remarks about parties in Downing Street during the coronavirus pandemic.

Among other things, the report showed that he kept detailed notes of his time as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Sunak is questionable

The UK Parliament’s Partygate inquiry has requested access to notebooks and WhatsApp messages, but so far not all material has been made available.

According to The Times, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is said to be reluctant to provide all the material as it is said to consist of, among other things, “irrelevant” personal messages.

Parliament will vote on Monday on the committee’s report.

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