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Customers are complaining about the performance of the fifth generation iPad Air.

Users complain about the quality of the iPad Air (5th generation 2022) – the case seems to be very thin and makes creaking sounds.

An annoying issue has been spotted by users of the new iPad Air (5th generation, 2022) who have said that the back of the device appears to be very thin and makes crackling sounds. Some have even suggested that it can feel the device’s battery through the back of the tablet. There are annoying comments about poor build quality, which seems unusual in the case of Apple.

According to many users It has been returnedFor those who bought the new iPad Air, the aluminum back panel of the device is noticeably thinner than the previous model, which leads to a creak. The post that started the topic on Reddit states:

I ordered and received two blue iPad Air 2022 today and am a bit shocked. The aluminum backplate is much thinner than the iPad 4 I have as well. When you hold the device, you can almost feel the battery through the panel. Both iPads have the same feel and squeak when held. That wasn’t the case with the iPad Air 4. Both of you are back – but is he the only one with this problem? I also asked someone else and felt that way too.

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Other new customers of the device immediately joined the discussion to say they had similar issues as mentioned in the first reply:

I confirm the same with the Blueair A5. I feel like I feel inside from behind. More than OK when I put it in the box but without it I feel weird.

The same as the blue Another user confirmed that he feels a gap between the back of the iPad and the internal components. They said the iPad “looks very low quality” and that they would return it for the iPad Pro M1.

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A fourth user agreed, saying, “I thought I was paranoid.” While some users said they hadn’t tried it, and others suggested it was a blue iPad problem, one user mentioned that he found the same problem with the Space Gray version and returned his device to the Apple Store, adding that he tried all colors and had the same problem, although Apple disagreed with that.

As mentioned, some users say the back of the iPad is much thinner than the previous generation, which was one of Apple’s best iPads, and other users have suggested that they can feel the device’s battery through the casing on the back. Interestingly enough, the problem has not been revealed in any reviews that have appeared so far, and testers have praised the build quality of the device.

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Apple’s new iPad, which was revealed last week, is equipped with Apple’s M1 processor, 5G for cellular models, and a new 12MP front camera. In addition, the design has remained unchanged compared to the previous model, so user reviews seem even more unusual.

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