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Dancing with the Stars: A new rule will put all candidates at risk

On Friday, October 22, a new rule will go into effect on Dance with the Stars. All participants who are still running will begin the show in Hot Seat.

After the unprecedented duels in the third prime, production is once again disturbing the game’s mechanics to put more pressure on the candidates.

When placed in the Hot Seat (the area usually reserved for the lowest ranked couple) from the start of the show, all pairs will be at risk. To get out of it and avoid a frightening confrontation that might see them directly subject to the viewers’ judgment and jury advice, they have only one choice: to reach 30 points in the judges’ standings. , and therefore between seven and eight points per juror, which is not easy.

To gauge the complexity of the operation, the Télé-Loisirs point out that if the rule had been implemented last week, only three teams could have left the hot seat: Bilal Hassani and Jordan Moirac, Dita von Teese and Christophe Licata, and Tic and Vouve Hautout. The front page declares “more than ever there will be a need for technical and artistic excellence”.

Here are the dances in which each pair will have to defend their place:

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Micho and Elsa are going to dance to a rumba… and that scares Micho!

Lucy Lucas and Anthony Colette will dance salsa.

Bilal Hassani and Jordan Molerac will dance a quick step.

Dita von Teese et Christophe Licata Double pass.

Jeremy Creedville and Candice Pascal are a soft American.

Take and Foof Hotout on Paso Doble.

Weeden and Samuel Texeier on the Rumba.

Aurélie Pons and Adrien Caby on Waltz.

Which celebrity will be leaving the adventure at the end of the sixth DALS bounty? Reply from Friday 9:05 PM on TF1.