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Eminem: His ex-wife, sad because of the mourning, tried to kill herself

This day was not easy. You will always have a great place in my heart. I love you grandma“, books Hayley Scott On Twitter, July 26. Kimberly Scott and rapper Eminem’s daughter paid tribute to her missing grandmother, a tribute illustrated with rare photos of her mother, Kimberly Scott and Kathy Slok. Kimberly also responded to this tragedy, writing a very revealing letter.

I’d rather be me than you!!!

I don’t even know where to start mom! First I would like to say I lied to you when I said I would be fine… I lied when I said I could do it, I promise!!!! I don’t know what to do without you, I no longer want you to suffer or fight for me!!! But I’m sure you know that!!! You have been my rock and my pillar, and my children and I cannot thank you enough. You taught me to be a fighter and not accept everything, you tried to teach me to love myself as much as you loved me!! You were there for me every time I fell, and I fall often!!!Kimberly Scott wrote under Kim Mathers, the last name of her ex-husband Eminem (real name is Marshall Mathers).

She added:I have taught my children to love and respect others, and to be as crazy as we are when needed. We had our arguments but there isn’t a day I wouldn’t give you my last breath. By now, I would have preferred to be me instead of you!!! You are all I left mom!!! What should i do now ? How can I explode with anger without having the strength and kick ass I need to feel better???! (…) I will miss you more than you ever imagined and I wouldn’t be the same without you!! I feel like a silly kid learning to walk…

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Eminem knew Cathy demeanor. He was married to his daughter twice, between 1999 and 2001, and then between January and April 2006. The two former parents of a daughter, Hailey Jade Scott, 25, had custody until he or she reached adulthood.