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Ibrahim Al-Shami: The Valeria series succeeded in touching the viewer’s sympathy

During a very dynamic interview where we can learn more about life
The personal and professional actor, Ibrahim Al-Shami, who opened his heart to us and told us about his experience on the stage as well as his participation in the series “Valeria”, a story that made him known outside Spanish lands.

With a very interesting culture, Ibrahim was born to a Syrian father and a Spanish mother in Seville, a Spanish municipality that stands out for its architectural beauty and why not? Because of the joy of its people and the art that runs through his veins… Here comes the role of Ibrahim, who says he has always loved everything related to art, thus defining himself as a “showman”.

To give us an idea, the actor we can also refer to as: musician, DJ, announcer, producer… He has given shows that mix music and concerts, bringing the euphoria of hundreds of people who have seen him on the music scene, however, he defines himself more than any other Another thing as a content creator.

Ibrahim is an interpreter in every sense of the word, and he asserts that despite his passion for every one of the tasks he has undertaken in his career, he is undoubtedly committed to the interpretation “I certainly love creativity and giving life to a character, although I admit that without Music I can’t live.”

The Spanish series “The Secret of the Old Bridge” that aired from 2011 to 2020 was technically the story that could catapult Ibrahim’s career into Spain, as his participation in 56 episodes with the character of Isaac made viewers establish a relationship not only with the character but also with him.

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“Memorizing a lot of scripts, breaking down the language charts during recordings since it was a series set in the 19th century, making it grow more professional, it was definitely a great learning for me. I will come back a thousand times to work on a daily radio series. I had a great time, And you enjoy it and learn something new every day, it has been a great experience for me.”

In the first quarter of last year, the series “Valeria” was released on the Netflix streaming platform, where she plays Adrián, the husband of Valeria, who at that time did not have the best marital relationship, thus generating a chain of events that the couple will go through in real life.

About his character and his involvement in the series (whose second season is set to premiere on Friday, August 13th), he told us we’ll have many lessons from Adrián, how to resume your life after a breakup and the unconditional support you can give someone you love. , as well as how to face remorse … We will see the development of the character, a growth that will make us put ourselves in a place not only of him, but also in the stories that will be told there.

About the series, she emphasized that she enjoys the bond of friendship established by the four friends, and how they depict the themes of everyday life of women and men linked to vivid stories similar to “What I love most about the series “Valeria” is the way current issues are viewed: life, work, love … Stories that are suitable for a wide audience so that they can enjoy the series, because it manages to touch the sympathy of the viewer. ”

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While he couldn’t tell us what other projects we’d be seeing besides “Valeria,” he did confirm that we’d be able to track him down in “Toy Boy” on Netflix Season 2, without specifying a release date.

+ About Valeria
Valeria (Diana Gomez) is a writer in crisis, both for her novels and for her husband (Ibrahim El Shami) and the emotional distance that separates them. She turns to her three best friends: Carmen (Paula Malia), Lola (Selma Lopez), and Nerea (Teresa Riott), who support her during her journey. Valeria and her friends plunge into a whirlpool of feelings about love, friendship, jealousy, infidelity, doubts, heartbreak, secrets, work, worries, joys and dreams about the future. And, of course, another man will appear in Valeria’s life: Victor (Maxi Iglesias), who flirts with her without hypocrisy.

In the second season, Valeria must face a decision that marks her future as a writer: hide behind a pseudonym and finally live off her profession or give up publishing her novel and continue to squeeze in the inexhaustible world of contracts. His love life is not more stable …

Fortunately, despite the foundations of her life being shaken, Valeria continues to have the support of three mainstays: her friends Lola, Carmen, and Nerea, who are also going through an energetic, convulsive moment.