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‘Family Cooking Duel’: Steffen Henssler Gets a New Show on First

“Family Cooking Duel”
Steffen Henssler gets a new show at first

Steffen Henssler can be seen soon-to-be at the “Family Cooking Duel”.

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Steffen Henssler can be seen at a cooking show on February 1st. The Family Cooking Duel takes place Monday through Friday at 4:10 p.m.

TV chef Stephen Hensler (49) has a new job. As he confirmed in the newspaper “Bild”, The hamburger can be watched again soon on public broadcast. He landed a new cooking show in the first, “Family Cooking Duel”. Two families of four will compete against each other over the hearth. Henssler handles moderation.

“My career started at NDR, so of course I’m looking forward to going back to where my TV career began after so many years.” The chef will still have time for his own restaurants. “Sure, the show only lasts an hour,” Henssler jokes when asked. By the way: Zora Kleib (31 years old) and Ali Gongormos (45 years old) will sit on the jury and decide a prize money of 1,000 euros.

Starts on February 21, 2022

It begins on February 21, 2022, as confirmed by the radio. The “Family Cooking Duel” is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 4:10 pm in Das Erste. Henssler should not only be in moderation, but also support his guests with his culinary skills.

Henssler began his television career in 2004 with a few guest appearances alongside TV chef Rainer Sass (67). From 2006 he had his own show on NDR, “Henssler’s Kitchen”. In addition to previous associations with ZDF and ProSieben, Henssler is primarily active for the RTL broadcast group. His most famous show to this day is “Grill den Henssler” in Luxe.


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