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“La casa de papel” says goodbye by announcing a new series about Berlin

(This article contains spoilers)

The band remained closed at the Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours. The robbers managed to save Lisbon, confronted Arturo, and killed most of the army that had entered to eliminate them… But they lost Tokyo and Helsinki was hit.

On the outside, the professor tries to manage the threads of a situation that is both living internally and out of control. Meanwhile, the popular character has Alicia Sierra, his staunch enemy, who has just given birth to his daughter at his side.

The truth is that Denver, Rio, Stockholm, Bogota, Manila, Palermo, Lisbon and Helsinki no longer have a choice, if they want to survive and escape with their loot, they must act before it is too late: the robbery is about to end.

The result of the story is available on Netflix starting Friday, December 3rd. It is a total of five chapters of about one hour each, during which more work will be guaranteed than ever before.

With this fifth season, Stealing money It would put an end to the most successful Spanish-language series ever on Netflix.

Since many are already suffering from the end of the series, the live broadcasting platform announced that “the universe Stealing money He continues, “and during the premiere of the series in Spain – where the heroes were present – it was announced that they are already preparing Role from the series.

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With a short 26-second video clip, Netflix revealed that the series will build on the life story of Andrés de Fonollosa, better known as Berlin, who was the band’s leader during the National Currency and Timbre Factory heist, the first. from the band.

“For some, stealing isn’t just a job, it’s a matter of freedom, of rebellion, it’s a work of art, a family tradition,” the clip reads.

As he read in audiovisual aids, “Berlin always has something on its hands and this time will be no exception.”

The production will star Pedro Alonso – who has given this character life since the first season – and will premiere in 2023.

global success

Originally produced by Spanish television Antena 3 and on a budget, this series about theft of the national currency and the Timbre factory was a worldwide hit, particularly when it was acquired by Netflix.

Its success was that the red suits and masks of Dali are thieves in the series, as well as the Italian party song Bella ChowHe has appeared in protests around the world and has been the protagonist of costume parties in recent years.

This was the international success of Stealing money, which in 2019 chose Madrid to install its first European studio.

“(The series) confirmed that stories can be created anywhere in the world and are loved all over the world,” he told the news agency. France Press agency Diego Avalos, Vice President of Content for Netflix Spain and Portugal.

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A few hours after the premiere of Explosion, the first part of the fifth season of Stealing money Which premiered in September, it was already ranked at the top of the most watched series on the platform, confirming that it was one of the most anticipated series among Netflix users.

According to FlixPatrol – which tracks the most viewed products around the world on this platform flow- In September, a few days after the first season premiered, the Spanish series was already number one in the 82 countries where Netflix operates, including Costa Rica.

In this way, the entire planet was in almost complete harmony with the release of the first five episodes of the final season. With this, something similar can be expected to happen in these last five seasons.

The series was written by Alex Pena, and these last chapters, performed by Alvaro Morte, Itziar Ituneo, Miguel Herran, Jaime Llorente, Esther Asepo, Rodrigo de la Serna, Darko Peric, Najwa Nimri, Hovik Keuchkerian, Luca Perros and Bellin. Cuesta.