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Fans ask Bad Bunny to hold an exclusive women’s concert – El Financiero

bad bunny He is still in the eye of the conversation on social networks after tickets for his concerts in Mexico City and Monterrey have sold out. Although thousands of fans tried to stay in the crowded virtual lines, not all of them achieved their goal. However, in the face of adversity, a group of women launched an initiative so that “Bad Rabbit” offered an event just for them.

A proposal from these young women, called “Here we are playing alone”, aims to avoid sexual harassment For those attending the concert, so fans can feel safe in a space devoid of manliness.

This is how the “Aquí perreamos solas” initiative was born.

Through a TikTok video, one of the organizers of the initiative shared the reason for the request. The user tells that after watching a meme on social networks, the possibility of paying for a special Bad Bunny event in CU was raised in CU among all those enrolled in the Maximum House of Studies, the idea came.

In this post, I read it “Bad Bunny Costs About $1 Million per presentation, so if we cooperate it will cost us 58 pesos per person.”

The TikTok user continued her explanation and thought this suggestion could be repeated but at a women-only event. Later he launched a publication with the initiative, which quickly spread quickly, so he decided to create a private group whose audience already exceeds 40 thousand members.

As part of the campaign, the group incorporating “Aquí perreamos solas” asked netizens to tag Bad Bunny so the request is known.

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A concert where we can say ‘Here we play alone.’ We ask you to tag Bad Bunny in this video, They download it and share it everywhere so that it can reach San Benito bebe and his entire team. Help us make this a reality,” concludes the young woman.

The video is already beyond 3 million views on TikTok and has over 750k likes. So far, Bad Rabbit has not responded to the video and what users and influencers have said in comments to the clip.