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Linda Evangelista: Distorted by Aesthetic Therapy, Ex-model Trusts

Linda Evangelista no longer wants to hide. While her body has been disfigured by an aesthetic procedure, the ’90s star model is stepping out of the shade.

She was captivated exclusively by the front page American magazine People, in which she decided to reveal photos of her damaged body. In fact, five years ago, the 56-year-old model was living a nightmare after she resorted to a cosmetic cryotherapy procedure, cryolipolysis, which consists of freezing fat. However, the intervention went wrong. Linda Evangelista has been a victim of a side effect that affects less than 1% of patients – paradoxical lip hyperplasia – with consequences of seeing the treated areas swell and then permanently harden.

A drama that the star wanted to announce after years of silence and isolation. “I can no longer live like this, in secret and in shame. I can’t live in this pain anymore. I want to finally speak,” the fifty-year-old confided to the magazine, returning to the physical and psychological consequences she lives with today.

loss of identity

“I loved being on the podium. Now, I’m afraid to meet someone I know,” explains Linda Evangelista, who had to go on a strict diet after her first swellings appeared in 2016, which left her feeling hungry. “I got to a point where I wasn’t eating at all. I thought I was losing my mind,” she explained in a People column, before finally undergoing two liposuctions.

They won’t do anything about it, leaving Linda Evangelista’s body disfigured and painful. “Bulges are bumps. And they’re tough. If I walk without a belt in a dress, I’ll fuss until I almost bleed. Because it’s not like rubbing soft fat, it’s like rubbing fat,” she explains. Another consequence of these increases, the model specifies that she can no longer “put her arms along her ribs.” “I don’t think designers would want to dress me in this,” she continues. The inability to work led to the star taking legal action against CoolSculpting’s parent company, Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc.

Linda Evangelista has also been psychologically injured. After showing off with the elderly, the former model expresses her delight that she “can no longer look at herself in the mirror.” “I don’t recognize myself physically, but I don’t recognize myself as an individual either.” Linda Evangelista “got somehow”, testifies the woman who speaks today to try to rebuild herself, but also for other women. “I hope to get rid of some of the shame and help others who are in my same situation,” the star said.

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