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New musical material? Jenny Rivera appears again on social networks

Last Tuesday, February 15, social media users were horrified by the re-emergence of the famous singer “Diva de la Banda”, Jenny Rivera Through their official accounts Facebook and InstagramTwo photos were published that left different guesses about what the Rivera family had prepared for fans.

The first photo that was posted on social media was on Tuesday in the post where you can see a black background and 2022 in white, this first post has caused the netizens and fans of the “Mariposa de Barrio” translator to go crazy.

This was born that Jenny Rivera This became a trend on Twitter as many users speculated that the singer could be alive, and soon she started sharing many memes about the theory.

But the Rivera family caused “craze” among the followers, because they posted a new photo on Wednesday where you can watch “Diva bandDressed in a white dress, looking up at the sky.

This post also woke up the businesswoman’s fans, because now there is new speculation music project He could leave before he died.

In the posts, it can be read that many fans are excited about what these posts mean, but hope that it will be new musical material.

One fan wrote, “They have deleted all of their Instagram content, wow something tells me this would be so much better.”

Another comment reads “The singer is coming stronger than ever.”

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