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Fans scared of a couple on YouTube

Fans scared of a couple on YouTube

Bibi and Julian Claassen have been an integral part of the YouTube world for ten years. Photo: dpa/Christoph Soeder

Normally, Bibi and Julian Clasen regularly keep their more than ten million followers on Instagram, updated about their family life. The celebrity couple also posts weekly updates on YouTube. But now there has been a radio silence on the social media platforms of these two influencers for quite some time. Even the Sunday YouTube video and weekly podcast episode failed without any explanation.

The parents of the two children didn’t even take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to break their silence. Fans are increasingly concerned about the unusual silence around the two and are now protesting their concerns on Instagram.

No sign of life from Pepe and Julian Clasen

“Does anyone know what’s going on with Bibi and why she’s not posting anything anymore?” Another worried commented: “Guys, are they still alive? No more stories for a long time and Julian’s missing video…”.

The couple recently posted some snapshots from their vacation, Which is why some fans have suggested that the two of them simply stop using social media, so you can enjoy your trip without disturbance. One follower calmly wrote: “Okay, I suppose everything is fine and they automatically took a break.”

“They are not responsible to you.”

But the fact that they do so without any advertising seems suspicious to many. “Up until now I thought you had a lot going on and that’s why you’re not posting anything. One unstable fan said that the fact that Julian did not upload a video today is very unusual for them both.” “I hope nothing bad happens.”

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While some are already speculating about horror scenarios, fans’ curiosity has been heavily criticized by others. “People, give them a private life,” one fan shot the other commenters, annoyed. Moreover: “They are not responsible to you. They will contact you again.”

Radio silence even on Mother’s Day

The only question is when? In fact, last Sunday’s Mother’s Day was an appropriate occasion for parents to send a signal to their fansBut even this holiday he remained silent on the influencers’ Instagram channels.

Two years ago, Bibi was still very touching on her first Mother’s Day as a mother of two. Their eldest son, Lio Claßen, was born in 2018 and younger sister Emily was born two years later.