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Fat ninja action in first trailer for “GI Joe” star-studded movie ·

Paramount Pictures released the first teaser for “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins”. This should get thrillers to sit back and pay attention.

Twelve years after “GI Joe – Secret Order Cobra,” and eight years after “GI Joe – The Reckoning,” there’s now a pre-show with “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins,” which – as the title suggests – is totally focused on The popular and mysterious form of the snake eye. And the first trailer just released is delicious thanks to the refreshing preparation:

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In fact, “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” was supposed to be released in March 2020. But the targeted German theatrical release is now on July 22, 2021 You should be in favor of casual parties thanks to the renewed enthusiasm for classic work. And there’s going to be a lot of that in director Robert Schwentk’s contribution, “GI Joe.” No wonder, the German director is practically at home in the business with works such as “RED-lter, Härter and Besser”, “RIPD” and “Determination”.

In GI Joe: The Reckoning, Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis shoot alongside. You can stream the movie on amazon

In the previous two films, the silent snake eyes were personified by acrobatic businessman and actor Darth Maul Ray Park. British-Malaysian shooting star Henry Goulding is now slipping into his infamous costume for the new show. Where he will likely only receive it in the end. Because in the beginning he is just a lonely person saving the life of the heir (Andrew Kogi) of the Arashikage clan – the Storm Shadow. As an expression of thanks, he was invited to Japan and accepted into the clan. Here he acquires the skills of a ninja warrior. But when ghosts of his past pursue him, his friends threaten to become enemies.

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The “GI Joe” movies were small hits, but the eleven films are in this one Video They were great cinematic films par excellence:

In “Snakes Eyes: GI Joe Origins,” the ninja will finally speak

Until now, the only thing that was known about Snake Eyes was that he was an absolute killer machine – and somehow he never slipped off his outfit including his signature helmet. Aside from his legendary feud with Storm Shadow, there wasn’t much to learn about his past. That changes with “snake eyes,” producer Lorenzo de Bonaventure promised in an interview Entertainment Weekly. And there is a reason they chose Drama:

This was one of the reasons that led us to choose the drama “How did the eyes of a snake become?” “He decided: He is allowed to speak, which is very helpful. You will find out who he is and where he came from.”

Henry Goulding was the studio’s first choice for the lead role. With the surprise hit “Crazy Rich” he became a star almost overnight. The 34-year-old has proven he can do more than just romantic comedies, with films like “The Gentlemen” and “Monsoon” by Guy Ritchie. And in the movie Snake Eyes, he was now able to prove his athletic side:

“What I’ve learned in many, many action films is that you can teach people to act if they are athletes. If not, good luck. It’s Henry and he’s motivated to do what’s important to us. Because we’re trying to do something with the” GI Joe “series It has not been done before. “

In addition to Golding as Snake Eyes, there is Samara Weaving as Scarlett, Ursula Corberó as Baroness, Peter Mensah as Blind Master and Haruka Abe as Akiko. Martial arts fans can look forward to Echo Awes as Hardmaster and “Warrior” star Andrew Kogi as Storm Shadow.

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