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Force your way to the goal in the Champions League.  The first hurdle isn’t terrible

Force your way to the goal in the Champions League. The first hurdle isn’t terrible

Telekom Veszprem is close to the UEFA Champions League Final4. In the first quarter-final, he smoothly coped with the finalist of the previous edition, Aalborg.

Marcin Gorzinski

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WP SportoweFakty / Krzysztof Betnerowicz / Pictured: Kentin Mahe

As every year in Veszprem, the same ambitions. The star lineup, a hot atmosphere in the stands, but … there was no expected success. Telekom is waiting for its first victory in the Champions League, in previous years it was often eliminated in the pre-tournament, but it seems that this season its fans may spare their nerves.

Aalborg’s defense – which was performing well in this edition of the Champions League – was not dealing with the leaders of Telekom Veszper. The goalkeepers didn’t help either, and in fact only for one moment in the first half it looked like a level start. Then the Hungarian billionaire missed an advantage by four goals and until the end of the first half was only 17:16.

What happened from the start happened in the second half. Telekom jumped far from Aalborg, well-behaved Omar Yahya in his team, Andreas Nilsson and Kenten Mahe did not disappoint, Jasper Marguk added up to seven goals. The feature wasn’t discussed, though Vesperm Rodrigo Corrales, who was standing in goal, didn’t have his day.

Aalborg’s strengths were partially neutralized, Felix Klar was not as dangerous as before, and Mikael Agefors did not contribute much to the goal. Veszprem won by 36:29 and has a seventh promotion to Final4 within his reach.

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Telekom Veszprem – Aalborg Handbold 36:29 (17:16)

Visprem: Corrales – Margo 7, Yahya 6, Mahe 5, Nelson 5, Ninadić 4, Lauge Schmidt 4, Strelke 4, Manasco 1, Makeda, Ligitvary, Blagutensik, Ilic, Lekai, Sibus

Burke: Gade and Aggefors – Sandell 5, Bjornsen 5, Clar 4, Juul-Lassen 6, Palmarsson 2, Jakobsen 2, Mollgaard 1, Nielsen 1, Christensen 1, Barthold 1, Antonsen 1

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