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Geekbench kasuje Samsunga za aferę

Geekbench has no mercy on Samsung and expels its pioneers

Samsung limit the performance of applications on its leadership? Well, Geekbench limits Samsung.

Samsung is regularly the heroine of various scandals. However, since the days of the Galaxy Note 7, which was the hottest and exploding phone of the year, these tend to be domestic scandals. Quite simply, the leadership of Samsung in South Korea is regularly at the center of various corruption scandals. After that, people with big heads from Samsung often visit Korean prisons.

This time it’s about a solution called Game improvement serviceany Limits the performance of some applications. There are more than 10,000 of them, including an elite selection of apps from Google, Microsoft, Samsung itself, Genshin Impact, or even Pornhub. Customers are not happy that they buy a flagship phone for PLN 6000, and Samsung limits the performance of their phones. all this for Prevent the machine from overheating And reduce battery consumption.

Geekbench won’t mess with Samsung

The Government of Sudan, however, no way Does not limit the application of the most popular standards. You have to show yourself. Standard responded Geekbench who found it a scam. Representatives of the standard decided to respond immediately and remove the main Samsung tags from their rating.

Geekbench states that its investigation shows that the Samsung Galaxy S10, S20, S21, and S22 series use GOS.

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Image source: telepolis

Text source: xda developers