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GetBack issue.  The long awaited trial has begun

GetBack issue. The long awaited trial has begun

Currently, the prosecutor presents the main motives indictment The entire document is 1200 pages long, and the files contain 1600 volumes.

What are the allegations about?

Defendants Include: previous President The Commission get back Konrad Kąkolewski (agrees to give his name and surname – PAP), former presidents Idea Bank Jarosław A. and Tobiasz B. and former members of the Bank’s Board of Directors Dariusz M. and Małgorzata Sz. They are also directors and legal advisors to the bank, heads of collaborating brokerage firms and fictitious firms, as well as the president and development manager of an investment fund.

the allegations Related to GetBack Bond Distribution and Mutual Fund Certificates scams, abuse of rights and property damage on a large scale Idea Bank and behavior Bank Brokerage activities without the required permission from the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. The accused face a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

which is long overdue Processing In this case, he went to the Warsaw Regional Court on Wednesday after 10:00. For referral to mediation, exclusion from GetBack’s sub-prosecutors group, adjournment of the hearing until GetBack’s assets are secured, as well as merging the current court case with another, as the indictment was sent to the court at the beginning of January 2022. The court rejected all of them.

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Most of the requests he made The main accused. As his defense explained, Kąkolewski had been held in an isolated cell for four years and had not yet had the opportunity to explain to the victims why the damage had been done to them or how they could repair it. – I asked that 127 times Prosecutor’s Office Allow me to meet the victims – The former head of GetBack confirmed, adding that he always received a negative answer.

Kąkolewski has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to provide extensive explanations. He described the charges against 16 defendants as “silly”. He also expressed his belief that the court “will not reach the truth on this case.” – From November 2017 to June 2018, I warned 24 times that Money From GetBack you will be stolen. The evidence is in a file in another case. I applied myself to the attorney general’s office in May 2018 and was warned that they had just started withdrawing money. Unfortunately, the prosecutors who wanted to prevent this theft were fired and I was arrested – He said.

Business GetBack

The company was established in 2012 get back I dealt with debt management. Its bonds were provided, among other things, by Idea Bank. In July 2017, the company debuted on the stock exchange. In April 2018, “in the interests and safety of trading participants,” the WSE Stock Exchange suspended trading in the company’s shares and bonds.

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GetBack issued more than 5 million bonds, which were then offered to ordinary Poles and investors through banks or brokerages. – The prosecutor said about the whole procedure Bogdan Shwichkovsky. As he pointed out, investors were misled regarding GetBack’s financial health, rating, or ability to make money from it. – Yes, 9 thousand. Someone lost nearly 3 billion PLN – Święczkowski emphasized.

The Associate Prosecutors in the case are GetBack bondholders, as well as the company itself and Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. As a social organization, the GetBack Association of Injured Bondholders has also joined the action.

Bondholders assert that the possibility of redemption is effectively blocked by the decision of the Bank Guarantee Fund on the compulsory restructuring of the Idea Bank. As of January 3, 2021, Bank Pekao has acquired the bank’s customers along with their products, but has not taken care of claims related to the sale of GetBack bonds by Idea Bank.

The investigation into the GetBack scandal began in April 2018, the day after the notification was submitted by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority. A special investigation team has been formed. On May 11, 2018, the first searches and security measures for documents, media and property were carried out, and in June 2018, the former head of GetBack was arrested. In connection with the investigation, an amount of PLN 400 million was secured, including valuables, jewelry, real estate, securities and money in bank accounts.

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The investigation of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw is still ongoing, involving about 60 people. One of them is businessman Leszek Kzrnicki, who is accused of committing fraud on the account of Idea Bank SA customers and causing significant damage to the bank.

In July 2020, the Prosecutor General’s Office issued a decision to bring charges against Cherniki in connection with the scandal, but it was not officially announced, because the businessman is permanently abroad. The Prosecutor’s Office believes that Cherniki is in hiding. In April 2021, the court legally rejected all the petitions of the Prosecutor’s Office, which demanded the arrest of the businessman.

At the beginning of January 2022, the Warsaw Regional Prosecutor’s Office submitted a second indictment to the Warsaw District Court against four former GetBack board members and seven other people – among the defendants in this case is also the former head of GetBack.