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Instagram with patches.  Better visibility of shared posts

Instagram with patches. Better visibility of shared posts

With these changes, as long as we have a public Instagram account, our Twitter followers will be able to see much better content posts. As the Twitter thumbnail has changed, more people are likely to click and view the post Our creations on Instagram.

It is necessary to The Instagram account was public. If we tweet separately and copy the link, the post will be in the form of a Twitter Card, and if we share it directly from Instagram, a description will also be added. Moreover, you can now embed your instagram profiles on websites to increase your reach.

Photo: Instagram

When it comes to Instagram, the site has recently expanded the videos that can be posted as part of Stories. For now, however, they are continuing Tests this new feature. Plus, Instagram shared the 2021 reboot. In a special text on the topic, we show you how to include your own year summary.

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