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Jamal Debbouze was criticized for his children’s first name: Not “betrayal” but pride!

Jamal Debbouze was criticized for his children’s first name: Not “betrayal” but pride!

The star of humor the French adore, Jamel Debbouze Together with journalist and producer Melissa Theuriau, he founded a family of infinitely proud. In fact, the couple, married since 2008, are now parents respectively to Léon, 13 and a half, and Lila, who will soon turn 11. In an excerpt revealed before the image was broadcast in September à Huit on TF1 on July 3, 2022, the artist in particular went back to choosing the first names of his descendants, wholeheartedly answering Audrey Crespo-Mara’s questions.

Choosing the first name for his sons, is a daunting task that Jamal Dabouz and Melissa Thioureau tackled twice, for the eldest of them Leon, Ali and the second, Leila, Fatima, Brigitte. The comedian specifies that his daughter’s two other names are the names of his mother and mother-in-law. A choice that was happily welcomed, even if others made no secret of their dissatisfaction. Indeed, the journalist mentions that some criticized him, considering him “betrayal“.

For those who view his personal choices as a father, Jamal Debbouze responds in spite of everything with the greatest kindness and caution: “I understand that public opinion has its own opinion, that it says what it wants, when it wants and when it should say it. Then, when others barter it to divide us or make us face each other, it’s ridiculous, I don’t get into it at all. What I did through this is just love my wife and create a family. I was born in France, I’m French and that’s the result of it all.

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