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Nelson caused a “scandal” on stage at La Academia

Nelson caused a “scandal” on stage at La Academia

One of the moments that completely surprised the audience was during the Nelson show, as Horacio Villalobos, Anna Barbara and cute lolita They agreed that it was a great night for the young man.

however, Arturo Lopez Gavitto, “The Iron Judge”, ended up upset by saying that the students with their talents should demand more from them so they can improve. Nelson was introduced with the song “Volví a Nacer” by Carlos Vives.

Arturo Lopez Gavitto He gave his opinion, but did not agree with his classmates and said that the student did not reach the grades and that his vocal performance was not good.

Listen to this criticism, cute lolita She was surprised, because she did not notice any errors, and even congratulated Nelson on his presentation.

Controversial proposal from Lolita Cortes to Lopez Javito

Then, cute lolita make a suggestion to Arturo Lopez Gavitto It has caused a lot of controversy on social media.

Well, I want to suggest something to you, if the review is tomorrow, the teachers and the principal listen to Nelson and find that he was not in tune and that he did not reach the notes, then we move on. But, if the review is tomorrow for Nelson He’s great, apologies to Nelson next week for you got it wrong Tonight “.

without thinking, Arturo Lopez Gavitto He flatly refused the proposal of his painting partner.

“No ma’am, no, because I don’t respect you. You make an apology when you don’t respect someone and it doesn’t happen here, I’m giving you my professional view.”

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