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Kitten surprises by her great resemblance to Freddie Mercury

A kitten named Mostaccioli went viral on the Internet because it drove netizens crazy and even surprised fans of the Bohemian Rhapsody author with the great similarity between him and the legendary Queen singer, Freddie Mercury.

Mostaccioli, which in Italian means “mustache”, is the name of this British short-haired cat whose face is much black, has huge green eyes and a moustache-shaped spot on top of its mouth, very similar to Mercury.

The resemblance is so amazing that it has made her very popular on the networks and she already has thousands of reactions on each of her photos. Mostaccioli has an Instagram account she shares with her sister Izanami from Scottish Fold, and it’s run by owner Natalie.

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Mostaccioli’s Instagram account has already exceeded 11,000 followers. Image courtesy.

The fame that this kitten has received is used to raise money, its owner has raised more than 10 thousand dollars to help the Cats of San Bernardino organization, dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned cats in the city.

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As posted by iHeart, the page is managed by veterinarian Natalie. In 2020, I found some kittens on the street and decided to adopt Mostaccioli. So far, the official Instagram account has already crossed 11,000 followers.

The remembered singer was such a fan of cats that his partner Jim Hutton, who died in 2010, said in a BBC 2 documentary that the singer “treated his cats like his kids.” He had many people like Tom and Jerry, Oscar, Tiffany, Delilah, Julia, Miku, Romeo and Lily, and he even left them part of his fortune. For example, Tiffany was a Himalayan cat that his ex-girlfriend Mary Austin gave him. Delilah was his favorite and he composed a song for her that was part of Innuendo, the singer’s last album with the British band.

Freddie Mercury was a fan of cats. Image courtesy.

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