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Laura Bozzo has lost a lawsuit brought by Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva for non-pecuniary damages Mexico USA Celebs NNDC | TVMAS

After INTERPOL issued a red token for the site Laura Pozzo Wanted in 195 countries for an alleged tax crime in Mexico, it has just been announced that it has lost the lawsuit brought by Gabriel Soto and Irina Paiva against her.

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Mexican journalist Gil Barrera was responsible for confirming this information via his Twitter account. “I am in a position to confirm that Laura Pozzo has lost the non-material damage lawsuit filed by #GabrielSoto, #IrinaBaeva”, At first.

“Miss Laura – still a fugitive – is against them on a TV show and must make up for them. #Ultimahora More info at @TVyNovelasMex”He added about the complaint, which was resolved last Wednesday, October 20.

According to the decision of the Mexico City Superior Court of Justice, Laura Pozo It must compensate for the moral damage to the spouses. The cash amount will still depend on the process that determines the applicant’s income.

On demand

In 2020, Gabriel Soto and Irina Paiva decide to convict Laura Pozzo before Mexican justice For his statements during an interview with the “El Gordo y la flaca” program, as well as references to the couple he made for other shows.

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Gustavo Herrera, the couple’s lawyer, told Mexican magazine TVyNovelas in August last year that The actors wanted to go to the last consequences. These two will endorse the Facts Complaint so they can summon this lady and announce Noted at the time.

As revealed by the lawyer, the criminal complaint was filed in March 2020 with the Mexico City Attorney General. From that moment on, Soto and Paiva requested protection measures based on Mexican law and Pozzo was instructed not to express himself, approach, or disturb the spouses.

In the lawsuit, she denounced three crimes: discrimination, threats and sexual harassment. For this they made an entire folder with data for Peruvians, as well as USB devices with videos as evidence of the case.

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